Tigers dominate season debut

A long preseason of running shuttles and drilling footy basics in snow, goose poop and a different location every week paid off–by a lot. The Tigers won 43-1 (6.7.43 0.1.1) against the D.C. Eagles and 48-8 (7.6.48 1.2.8) against the New York Magpies for the first and second back-to-back games of the season in the mid-May humidity of Washington D.C. 

High on oxygen rich air, the Tigers put the pressure on and never let up, pouring every ounce of excitement into executing Coach Seow’s directives: hunt the ball, hunt the player, hunt as one. The umpires confided later they had not expected this level of competition.

The team voted midfielder and rookie, Taryn Lenox, as “Best on Ground,” followed by Erin Taylor. Rachel Hottor and Deja Maestas tied for third. Umpire’s Best on Ground top votes went to Erin Taylor, followed by Taryn Lenox and then Sara Edwards Rohner.

Ally Dykes tackled with purpose, raising more than $200 for her campaign: Tackling the Oppression of Trans Girls and Women in Sport. Special thanks to the cheer squad, Mr. and Mrs. Wills (Perth, Australia), Carolyn Poulos (Denver), and Kathy Poulos and Teresa and Zachary Roy (Pittsburgh) for traveling in to support the team–and supply the coach with heaps of Vegemite.

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