Get to know Tigers’ Head Coach Destry Gillette

Check out this brief Q&A with Tigers’ Head Coach Destry Gillette and what he brings from the outside in. Where did the name Destry come from? Destry came from a 1930 western novel written by Max Brand called Destry Rides Again.  It was made into a couple of movies: Destry Rides Again in 1939 withContinue reading “Get to know Tigers’ Head Coach Destry Gillette”

Coach’s Corner: Welcome to our 2020 season

Hello Tigers! I want to take a minute to say, “Welcome to our official inaugural season.” I am pleased to see it finally starting to feel like we are getting a team together both physically and mentally. All the hard work by our president and the rest of the board in setting our team foundationContinue reading “Coach’s Corner: Welcome to our 2020 season”

Overcoming social anxiety, becoming part of a tribe

Amanda Newell is a founding member of the Centennial Tigers. Read about how she has learned to overcome some of her social anxiety by immersing herself in footy. Social anxiety has had a crippling grip on me for as long as I can remember. Meeting new people or being in an unfamiliar setting or experienceContinue reading “Overcoming social anxiety, becoming part of a tribe”

“I never thought I’d belong to a team again” — reinvigorating a love for sport

Joliet “Baby J” Moya is an all-around athlete and youngster on the Tigers. Read about her love for her brother Jeremias and the struggles of finding passion again after losing him. Specifically, my younger brother Jeremias and I shared our love for the game–he went to every game I had. After he passed away fromContinue reading ““I never thought I’d belong to a team again” — reinvigorating a love for sport”

“Inspired to respect myself again” — a return to athletics

Jessie Coatney is a rookie not only to the Centennial Tigers, but also to the sport of Australian rules football. Read her take on what it means to join a new sport later in life. I have been a part of team sports since elementary school (with a long hiatus after high school up untilContinue reading ““Inspired to respect myself again” — a return to athletics”

Listen to Tigers President Sara Edwards Rohner on ABC Radio Melbourne

In case you missed it, Tigers Founder and President Sara Edwards Rohner spoke to the Coodabeen Champions, a legendary footy radio show, on ABC Melbourne Radio May 2. You can listen to Sara’s radio interview here! Members of the show are not only intrigued about Sara’s story and Aussie rules football abroad, but also learningContinue reading “Listen to Tigers President Sara Edwards Rohner on ABC Radio Melbourne”

Motivation redefined — a fire in my eyes

Essay provided by Founding Member and Vice President Jennifer Elliott Throughout my entire adult life, I have thought of myself as the motivated type. I was rarely ever one to sit back and wait for things to happen. When I decided what direction I wanted to go in, I took action right away to achieveContinue reading “Motivation redefined — a fire in my eyes”

Donate to the Tigers at no cost to you

Now that the Centennial Tigers have 501(c)3 nonprofit designation from the U.S. federal government, the club qualifies for various donation programs. Check out these instructions below to help the Tigers through your everyday purchases. Amazon Smile: Visit Log in to your account. Select Change Your Charity (about halfway down). Type in Colorado Suburban AustralianContinue reading “Donate to the Tigers at no cost to you”

Helpful Hints — 501(c)(3) filing for USAFL clubs

If you’re a new Australian rules football club (or an existing one), obtaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the U.S. government can provide your organization with a number of benefits, including tax-deductible status. In some states, this can give you the option to not pay sales tax on items for your club, and it can alsoContinue reading “Helpful Hints — 501(c)(3) filing for USAFL clubs”