We are a team of talented women with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Nina Abrell #23


Bio coming soon!

Carly Austin #11

Member At-Large, Center Half Back

Carly is one of the most-talented center halfbacks in the nation. Although a Colorado native, she first learned about footy while living in Sacramento, California. Her experience in various sports such as soccer, volleyball, track, basketball and crew give her the hand up when reading the field, ensuring quick decision making and communicating to teammates. Her long booming kick is one to be envied. Carly is a founding member and current member at large.

Toria Baker #18


Toria is a tall, all-around athlete. She began playing footy in 2019 and immediately took to the game like a natural. Her height and athletic background give her the advantage when contesting center bounces, boundary throw-ins and ball-ups in the ruck position. She is extremely coachable, eager, and an excellent addition to the Tigers. Toria will be one of many to help bring this team to the next level.

Sara Burns #8

Half Forward Flank

Sara is a native of California and first started playing footy for the LA Dragons, earning the best rookie award in her first year. Her athletic background prior to footy was field hockey, which gives her a leg up in fitness and hand-eye coordination. Sara’s small stature allows her to crumb the ball along the ground, as well as maneuver around the opposing team’s defense.

Jessie Coatney #7


Jessie has a long history with a variety of sports, including rugby, basketball, volleyball, and golf. Her tenacity and desire to compete at her best ability is admirable. Her mental and physical toughness will give the Tigers a leg up on the oval. She is loyal and dedicated, encompassing what it means to be a Tiger.
Read Jessie’s Essay Here.

Amber Dawson #22


Amber’s sporting background included competitive swimming, giving her great upper-body strength. Her unwavering dedication, commitment to hard work, and empowered lifestyle to be a strong, independent woman make her an essential part to the team’s core. She’s fierce. She’s bold. She stands her ground. She’s amazing.

Andi de Alfonso Ortega #9

Forward Pocket

Andi’s love for Aussie Rules is contagious. She first learned about the game after meeting her now-husband (who is a native of Melbourne, Australia). Her true passion lies with playing live-action Quidditch, but she shares her love for competition with the footy crowd, too. Andi is a dedicated, responsible, hard-working teammate who focuses on honing her skills any chance she gets. She regularly crumbs for the ball in forward pocket and works hard every chance she gets.

Kim Dickey #71

Member At-Large, Full Forward

Kim Dickey first learned of Aussie rules football in 2018. She participated in many athletics during her life, but footy was the first team sport she played. Her height and determination give her the advantage as a tall mark in the forward line. Kim is an integral part of the team; she’s incredibly loyal and dedicated. Her love for her teammates and the game is admirable. Kim is a founding member. Read Kim’s Essay Here.

Sara Edwards Rohner #4

President, Center

Sara is a veteran of the sport, playing internationally for the USA Freedom and training with several AFLW teams, including the Western Bulldogs, Collingwood Magpies and Gold Coast Suns. Her athletic background includes soccer and international 7s and 15s rugby union. Sara founded the Centennial Tigers. She gets the utmost satisfaction from watching women transform through empowerment. Sara is the current president.
Listen to Sara’s interview on ABC Radio Melbourne’s Coodabeen Champions

Jennifer Elliott #12

Vice President, Forward Pocket

Jenn never played sports until recently and has since fallen in love with footy. She is entering her third season. Jenn’s loyalty, dedication and positivity are a life force on the Tigers. She spent her life always giving to others and is now getting the chance to give back to herself. Jenn is a founding member of the club and current vice president.
Read Jenn’s Essay Here.

Sydney Gonzales

Half Forward Flank

Sydney is one of our younger athletes. She first learned about footy in 2018. She has a basketball background, giving her and the Tigers the advantage during boundary throw-ins and ball ups. She’s got speed, strength, fearlessness and a competitive streak that make her a fierce competitor.

Alexis Koo #1

Member At-Large, Ruck Rover

“Koo” is undoubtedly the most-consistent athlete on the Tigers. Her ability to master technical skills make her a threat on the field. She doesn’t hesitate to crumb for the ball and sacrifice her body in midfield play–this shouldn’t be surprising seeing how she’s a Denver Firefighter. Koo makes for an excellent marking target, as she connects with teammates and marks the footy almost every time. Koo is a founding member.

Leandra Mamani Choque


Bio coming soon!

Meghan Miller #99


Meghan played competitive rugby union in her youth while at Chapparal High School in Parker, Colorado. Her height and strength give her the utmost advantage, as she knows how to utilize them against the competition. Meghan also has a simply amazing personality and can get her teammates laughing to the point of tears. She brings a lot to this team, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Joliet Moya #3


Joliet “Baby J” Moya is one of the Tigers’ younger athletes. She was a star basketball player in high school, and her athleticism shows on the oval. Joliet protects her fellow on-ballers and never hesitates to throw a good hit on someone. She is an excellent crumber and regularly takes high marks. Joliet is a loyal teammate, and her comic relief always makes for a good time on and off the field.
Read Baby J’s Essay Here.

Tami Nerenberg #5


Tami comes from a competitive, athletic background mostly consisting of volleyball. Her height, athleticism and desire to compete translate well to Australian rules football. She is a devoted teammate who isn’t afraid to take risks. Tami encompasses what it means to be a Tiger, and we are so glad she is part of our tribe.

Amanda Newell #16

Secretary, Back Pocket

Amanda dabbled in sports throughout her life, including soccer and rugby throughout her teenage years. She started playing footy in 2018 and has found her home in the back pocket. Her strength and a solid boot keep the Tigers out of trouble on defense. She never gives up and works hard to crumb in the backline. Amanda is a founding member of the club and current secretary.
Read Amanda’s Essay Here.

Cassie Parrish


Bio coming soon!

Becca Pieseski #6


Becca is in her fourth year of playing footy. She played rugby in college, and her ability to evade opponents is quite the thing to see. She works hard at defending the goal at the fullback position. Becca has one of the biggest hearts–if you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to experience one of her motivational speeches (her ferocity and dedication will guarantee bring you to tears).

Theresa Cardenas


Bio coming soon!

Hayley Maxfield


Bio coming soon!

Andrea Prusinski


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