AFL’s Dannie Seow to coach the Centennial Tigers

Colorado’s Centennial Tigers are thrilled to officially announce Dannie Seow as the club’s new head coach. A native of Melbourne, Dannie played several years in the 1980s and ‘90s for the AFL’s Collingwood Magpies and Melbourne Demons.

His depth of knowledge, love of the game and dedication to the team will prove invaluable to the emerging Centennial Tigers.

“I’ve already had an enjoyable time training the women and playing alongside them during our indoor season,” said Dannie. “I’ve witnessed their competitiveness and eagerness to learn, and I’m excited about the journey we’re all going to have this year—The Year of the Tiger—and am excited to see us develop together as a club.”

The Tigers, with the help of Dannie, have worked hard in the offseason—complete with a full indoor 7s league hosted by South Suburban Parks and Recreation, custom-built strength and conditioning programs and Saturday skills and fitness sessions. Additionally, he plans to continue building on the already strong relationship between the Centennial Tigers and the North Texas Devils by taking the Tigers to Dallas to help grow the Devils’ women’s squad.

“In the U.S., having access to someone who played at the top level of footy, is almost unheard of,” said Centennial Tigers President Sara Edwards Rohner. “We are lucky to have Dannie in our backyard and are honored that he selected the Tigers to lead in 2022 and beyond. He aligns with our club’s core values, and his dedication to help our athletes learn to play and love the game as he does is immeasurable.”

The Centennial Tigers have an exciting upcoming season ahead including a travel weekend to the nation’s capital to play the DC Eagles, New York Magpies and Philadelphia Hawks; a travel weekend to play the Minnesota Freeze; home games against the Denver Bulldogs and New York Magpies; the two-day Centennial Invitational Tournament and the national tournament to be held in Ontario, Calif.

“Our main objective is to improve our players’ skills, fitness and game understanding, grow the sport and empower each other—we’re not here just to win games,” said Sara. “Once we have the foundation built and secure, the wins will come. As far as I’m concerned, welcoming Dannie in to lead this club is the true win.”

Founded in 2019, the Centennial Tigers are the largest women’s only club in the United States Australian Football League and are dedicated to empowering women of all ages, experience and skill levels through sport.

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