The Footy Factory to purchase Tigers’ training singlets for 2020 season

John McCully, founder of The Footy Factory and one of the Centennial Tigers’ earliest supporters, has announced sponsoring the cost of the Tigers’ 2020 training singlets.

“Congratulations to everyone involved in the team’s jumper design,” said McCully in an email message. “It looks fantastic! Now that the jumper is signed off on, I would like to sponsor the team with training singlets.”

McCully went on to add, “I also love the way you are promoting yourselves and the game of Aussie rules with the local media–keep up the great work.”

This recent donation to the club by The Footy Factory is not only a huge help to the club and player costs, but also another validation that so many people and companies–here and abroad–believe in what the Centennial Tigers are working to accomplish.

In addition to the singlets, McCully and The Footy Factory have graciously donated footies, a footy carrying bag, team water bottles, magnetic boards, textbooks, and auction items which included Richmond Tiger Premiership guernseys, t-shirts and other great swag.

“Having this support from John early on has really set the stage for our successes we are seeing now,” said Tigers President Sara Rohner. “I have believed in this attempt to create a new women’s footy club since Day One, and experiencing all the rallying support is encouraging to say the least. We cannot thank John and all the others enough– businesses, friends, and fans–who are getting behind the Tigers, whether it’s financial, emotional, or social.”

Thank you to John and The Footy Factory for all the kind donations to date.

The Footy Factory was established with a vision to give girls from all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to play Australian rules football. They exist to motivate, inspire, and teach girls in a safe and fun environment through coaching and education on the field, and an off-field community hub.

The Centennial Tigers were established on a foundation of core values: Tenacity, Integrity, Grit, Empowerment, Respect and Sportsmanship (TIGERS). While winning is always fun, our main desire is to empower women of all ages through sport. We’ve witnessed transformations in countless women by helping improve fitness, building self confidence, and encouraging each woman to be herself.

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